how to Know if you need a tooth filling

If you have a tooth that’s broken, cracked, or decaying — a filling can repair it. Once your tooth filling is complete, you’ll be back to chewing on your favourite foods like normal.

Various filling materials are available, depending on the severity of decay. Your dentist will also consider which part of your tooth needs a filling and what your budget is.

what are the types of tooth fillings?

At ThirtyTwo Dental, we have two common filling materials — these are amalgam and composite.

Amalgam: This has been used for decades. Amalgam is made of various metallic elements, which makes it durable and ideal for use on molars. Keep in mind, when the tooth filling is complete, amalgam is dark in colour and noticeable.

Composite: This type of filling is a tooth-coloured resin, making it more esthetically pleasing since it matches the natural tooth colour.

Tooth-filling Procedure

At ThirtyTwo Dental, we’ll carefully evaluate your needs before recommending a filling. Once an assessment is done, this is the step-by-step procedure you can anticipate:

Anesthesia: Before the actual tooth-filling procedure, our dentist will give you anesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth and keep you relaxed during treatment.

Tooth decay removal: Your dentist will clear the disease and then shape the tooth and ready it for filling — don’t worry, you won’t “fill” a thing!

Resin application: Here, your dentist applies the filling material and will harden and strengthen it by using a special blue light.

Polishing: The final step is to polish your tooth and filling, so it looks good as new.

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Dr. Jaimee Buchkowsky, DDS

This content was written by Dr. Jaimee Buchkowsky, who brings over 15 years of experience to her practice. Dr. Buchkowsky holds both a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Alberta.

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