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Kid-Friendly Dentistry at ThirtyTwo Dental

We understand that kids can fear going to the dentist — the nervousness of having to open your mouth and have someone you don’t know poke at your teeth and gums is real. At ThirtyTwo Dental, we offer kid-friendly checkups where we’ll explain next steps before they’re taken and ensure your child is comfortable in the dentist chair. 

Children’s dentistry is important. Kids start growing their teeth as early as six months old. These baby teeth fall out over time, but they do play an important role in saving space for your child’s adult teeth to grow in. Taking care of baby teeth also helps prevent any dental problems down the road.

What to Expect at Your Child's Dental Visit

If you’re planning a visit with your little one — here’s what’s included in children’s dentistry:

Oral health exams: A first-time visit usually doesn’t take long. Our dentist will chat with you and ask questions about diet and habits that could impact your child’s oral health. They’ll also perform oral exams to evaluate the health of their mouth. Depending on what age your child is, our dentist might do a knee-to-knee position to look inside their mouth. Here, your child will sit on your lap while the dentist and you sit in front of each other in a knee-to-knee position. Your child will be facing you, then will lower their head toward the dentist’s lap.

Teeth cleaning and fluoride: We might not perform this on a first visit, but for routine appointments, our hygienist will clean between the teeth and gum line after assessing your child’s teeth. These areas are prone to plaque and tartar buildup because toothbrushes can’t easily reach them. After cleaning, the dentist may apply fluoride on your child’s teeth to strengthen enamel and prevent tooth decay.

Gum disease management: If your child has mild gum disease, we can help assess and treat this. We’ll also provide tips to minimize tartar buildup and advice on diet and habits. Mild gum disease is reversible with good dental care habits.

Diagnoses of oral health: Children’s dentistry also includes diagnosing oral health conditions, especially those related to pre-existing medical conditions. It’s important to let your dentist know about your child’s overall health, diseases or other conditions they may have. This way, we’ll be able to provide the best support and dental care.

Other kids’ dental treatments we might include, depending on your situation:

  • Pit and fissure sealants – a thin plastic coating placed on the chewing surface of adult teeth to make them less likely to trap food and cavity-producing bacteria
  • Restorative treatment (fillings)
  • Monitoring dental growth and development

Need further guidance? Click the links below for some help with common children’s dentistry questions.

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