Teeth Cleanings (Dental Hygiene Therapy)

Keep your Teeth Healthy with Regular Cleanings

During an appointment, one of our hygienists will remove bacteria, plaque and tartar build up from the surface of your teeth. Other preventative services, such as fluoride treatments and polishing, might also be performed.

What to expect during a dental cleaning:

Although you may brush and floss regularly, a dental clinic is the only place that has the necessary tools to remove tartar (hardened plaque) from your teeth or below your gum line to ensure proper teeth cleaning to maintain overall oral healthy. During your dental cleaning we will use hand instruments called scalers to remove plaque and tartar. In some cases, we might use an ultrasonic scaler that uses water to rinse away the plaque and bacteria. Dental cleanings should not hurt. In addition to scaling, our dental hygienist will also polish your teeth if needed and apply fluoride to help prevent tooth decay and sensitivity.

If you have not been to a dental clinic for a teeth cleaning in over a year or have extensive buildup, the dental cleaning may take longer to get up to date and to ensure optimal oral health.

You can also expect your dentist to use your dental X-rays to check for loss of bone, fractures, or any other abnormalities below your gum line. 

We also check all hard and soft tissue, which includes TMJ and alignment and a cancer screening.


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Picture of Dr. Jaimee Buchkowsky, DDS

Dr. Jaimee Buchkowsky, DDS

This content was written by Dr. Jaimee Buchkowsky, who brings over 15 years of experience to her practice. Dr. Buchkowsky holds both a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Alberta.

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