Dental Hygiene Therapy (Teeth Cleanings)

Keep your Teeth Healthy with Regular Cleanings

A teeth cleaning from one of our hygienists includes assessment of the health of the head, neck, and mouth (teeth, gums, etc.) area, including screening for oral cancers and the detection of periodontal or gum diseases. Teeth cleanings may also involve a number of other steps in planning a personalized dental care process including (but not limited to):

  • Removal of soft plaque/biofilm and hard tartar deposits from the teeth
  • Stain removal
  • Deep teeth cleaning (root planing)
  • Prevention of decay through application of fluorides and other anti-cavity measures
  • Reduction of tooth sensitivity
  • Personalized home self-care planning
  • Evaluation of the care provided and determining the appropriate length of time between teeth cleaning appointments
  • Infant and toddler mouth checks, starting at 12 months of age

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