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Archive for June, 2014

4 Easy Tips for Keeping your Teeth Healthy This Summer

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Okay, we’re all excited about summertime – it’s easy to get distracted by ice cream cones and volleyball and forget about your teeth.

Here are my summertime tips for your teeth (and mouth)!

1.Your Teeth Are Not Tools

Many people feel that their teeth can substitute for tools and use them to open bottles, wrappers, and chew ice. Save yourself an emergency trip to our office for a broken tooth, and avoid this potentially unpleasant habit.

2. Use Mouth Guards During Sports

Wearing a mouth guard during your sports activities can easily protect your teeth. Mouth guards are fairly inexpensive and serve to ensure your teeth do not crack, chip or damage your lips, cheeks and gums in the event of an accident or foul while you are playing sports. We recommend having a custom fit mouth guard to provide the best possible comfort and protection for your teeth while playing summer sports.

3. Don’t Go Crazy On The Ice Cream, Slushies And Soda

Here’s where the downer dentist starts to come out, but it’s important you keep this in mind. I know summer and ice cream kind of go hand-in-hand but high volumes of sugars can cause cavities, plaque and loss of enamel if over consumed. Bacteria loves sugars and converts this into acids that can strip away the enamel of your teeth causing sensitivity issues. So keep the soda and ice cream cone consumption in-check and brush regularly after eating your summer treats.

4. Be Sure To Wear Lip Balm With An SPF Of At Least 15

Your lips are more susceptible to burning than most parts of your body, yet many people don’t think about protecting them from the sun. A quick application of lip balm will go a long way in protecting your lips from the sun’s harmful rays.

Dr. Jaimee Buchkowsky

Better Late Than Never

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A lot of people feel embarrassed to make a dentist appointment if a long time has passed since their last check-up or if they’ve never been back to the dentist since they were children.

Don’t worry. This is a really common circumstance for a lot of people, especially people who are afraid of the dental chair.

I know so many people who have avoided going to the dentist for years simply because they hadn’t been there in a while and were afraid of being judged or criticized for neglecting their oral health.   They think the dentist or hygienist is going to take one look in their mouth and be appalled at what they see.

Let me tell you, that’s not the case.  As health care providers, our primary goal is to make sure your mouth is healthy. We want to make sure you are disease-free and out of any discomfort.  We are not here to scold, pass judgment, or make fun of you and we do not think any less of somebody if they require a filling, a root canal, or an extraction.  Remember, most people, including most dentists, have had some form of dental treatment at one time or another themselves.

So don’t be embarrassed to come in and don’t wait until it becomes an emergency.

Remember that if you do have a problem, the longer you wait to have it checked-out, the worse it is likely to get.  Don’t let your fear of being judged stand in the way of getting the proper care you and your mouth deserves.

Dr. Jaimee Buchkowsky